phi-orangeABOUT  PHI DECKS

PHI Decks is a specialized deck builder serving the entire metro area. It was founded by college roommates Tim Brown and Brian Filkins after completing their degrees in Construction Management at UW-Stout.

While at school, they acquired the knowledge and skills to aid in proper technique, budgeting, and project management. However, their knowledge base is only half of the equation.

Both Tim and Brian began building at very young ages and have honed their carpentry skills over many years and continue to hone those skills on a daily basis by acting as lead carpenters on deck projects year round. They have assembled a team of carpenters and project managers that they rely on every day to give you the highest quality project possible.

We recognize that we aren’t just building a deck; PHI Decks strives to create an outdoor space that not only adds value to your home, but is also a place for family and friends to gather.

phi-orangePHI GUYS

Brian Filkins


Brian began his journey in construction in high school working in various trades which carried into college. Junior year of college he began working with Tim which was the beginnings of Precision Home Improvement.

This also began Brian’s passion for deck building and is why he continues to work in the field every day. He currently lives in Spring Lake with his wife Nikki, daughter Maggie, yellow lab Sullivan and cats Monster and Leo.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time outdoors hunting and boating.

Tim found his passion for deck building while working for a local deck builder in high school. By the time he graduated he was a crew lead and continued building through college.

That passion continues with PHI Decks today as he continues to build on a daily basis. He married his high school sweetheart shortly after college.

Tim and Heather live in Maple Grove with their son Beckett and two dogs Ben & Oakley. In his free time Tim enjoys spending time outdoors and building epic tree forts in the backyard.

Tim Brown


Phil Murtha


Phil was a roommate of Tim and Brian’s at UW-Stout. He currently works in the office and is in charge of the day to day operations. Phil does a lot of his work behind the scenes, however isn’t afraid to swing a hammer and get his hands dirty when necessary.

Phil lives in Andover with his wife Justine and three children, Levi, Lainey and Luca along with their dogs. 

In his free time Phil enjoys hunting with Prim and Baya as well as spending time on their new boat “Brenda” during the summer.

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Tyson Taylor


Bryce Bloomer


Chris Baker


Edgar Gutierrez


Luke Lee


Mo Young


Travis Bruns


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