Eden Prairie

Location: Eden Prairie
Project Budget: $76,000 - 100,000
The Yarrow Porch is a 23′ x 14′ porch with an attached 4′ x 4′ landing with stairs to the backyard. We helped the homeowners maximize their backyard space by finishing the underside of their deck.
Location: Eden Prairie
Project Budget: $100,000+
The Tipton Deck is a 25′ x 16′ deck with an attached 14′ octagonal gazebo and stairs to the backyard. The gazebo was designed with this furniture in mind. The gazebo creates the perfect space for late-night conversations around the fire.
Location: Eden Prairie
Project Budget: $41,000 - 60,000
The Thelonious deck provides a great space to grill for family, laugh with friends, and a bird’s eye view of endless basketball games.

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