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Screen Porches

Screen porches can add more usable living space to a home by giving protection from the elements and the bugs.  They can be very simple or very complex but all have a couple of things in common.  The floor of a screen porch has insect screen installed prior to decking to stop bugs from coming up from below.  The walls can be all screen with a guardrail, or half walls with screening above.  Often times the roof is a simple gable roof that ties into the existing house wall, however depending on the situation or design, other roof options are also available.

3 Season Porches

A 3 season porch can be added to a deck or house to extend the sheltered living space.  3 season porches are usually enclosed structures with walls and windows.

4 Season Porches

Similar to a 3 season porch, a 4 season porch can be an addition.  Typically, these porches include climate control and are more of an addition to the house.